Coyote Cove Hill, Lave Havasu, AZ - March 09

Note: This is a 360 degree panorama. Click and drag to change the picture view.

Hill above Coyote Cove, Lake Havasu, Arizona. Early March, 2009

The picture speaks for itself but that's never stopped me from writing.

Alex and I decided that the Lake Havasu Jazz fest was a great excuse to take For Now to Lake Havasu, AZ in early March 2009. Once we got on the lake, the sailing was too nice to bother with the festival. The lake is dotted with coves and we picked one mostly by opportunity when we were ready to settle down for the evening. This could be a new favorite spot or we might decide to see if others are equally nice. This one will be hard to beat.

Lake anchoring has little of the wave or tide concerns that I'm used to with open ocean sailing (anchoring). I suppose that there is some concern about passing boat's wake and the level of artificial lakes can change but these influences are trivial. There were many spots to choose from and I picked one that resonated.

We just beached the bow and ran a line to the handy Sampson Post/cash receptacle left by the park rangers and proceeded to wander. The fee was ten dollars.

This 360 degree panorama was taken about five o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. It is a mosaic of 79 pictures! We have the lake pretty much to ourselves by late afternoon but I understand, when things warm up, the few hundred boat accessible campsites will fill. Darn. We are all the more appreciative that we had this special and popular spot to ourselves.

It was in the mid seventies during the day and down to the fifties at night -- brrrr. Alex was cold but that had much to do with not packing proper clothing. As usual, I was in shorts and not bothered by the temperature but I comfortably walk barefoot in snow.

We slept well with the boat anchored in the middle of the cove.