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The SereneSound Windows application creates an environment that helps you ignore what you don't want to hear so you can focus, meditate, or sleep.

SereneSound is a free, intuitive and efficient application that enables your computer's sound system to create an ambiance of pleasant and relaxing sounds. With SereneSound, you can obscure and mask unwanted and distracting environmental noise such as traffic, conversations or even your neighbor's unwanted music.

Finally get some sleep! If you have ever run fans and/or air conditioners just for the sound they make, then SereneSound is for you. (Some folks even use SereneSound to hide snoring noise.)

Create a cocoon of sound in moments. Match your current mood (or masking needs) by selecting any or all of the sounds with the very simple control center whose image is associated with this page. I.E. Drown out office/city noise with waves and/or rain; sleep next to a stream, or snuggle safe inside with a blizzard roaring outside! Here's a sample movie (300k - 15 seconds).

Babies love (and sleep to) it!

While I love to hear your success stories, there is no cost and no obligation. Enjoy.

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Currently available sounds include Light Waves, Heavy Waves, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Stream, Waterfall, Fire, Blizzard, Hurricane, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise.

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