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With some encouragement from you, there will be an improved shareware version of SereneSound. To make it worth a few of your hard earned dollars, I'm thinking of adding:
  • Automatic return to your exit sound configuration.
  • Ability to record favorite sound configurations.
  • Stereo/High Fidelity.
  • Something interesting for networks.
  • Sounds at timed and random intervals. I.E. Alarm Capability (i.e. wake up to thunder) and/or random bird, insect, frog, etc. sounds. This would allow users to create more realistic meadow and seashore effects including the sounds above.
  • User added sounds.
  • Expanded continuous sound selection. I'm thinking about crowd, steel pan, heartbeats, wind in pine trees and electric fan. Any other suggestions?
  • Personalize/Remove the splash startup screen.
  • System Volume control.
  • Level adjustment in response to ambient sound level.

    A little bit of encouragement will go a long way here. Email me saying that you'd pay for some added features and I'll probably do it. I'm also very interested in what additional features you would like.

    With Freeware, my biggest reward is hearing that my software is in use. Please send let me know how much you're enjoying SereneSound and the special uses you have found.

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  • Currently available sounds include Light Waves, Heavy Waves, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Stream, Waterfall, Fire, Blizzard, Hurricane, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise.

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