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28 July, 2001
I've had enough call for troubleshooting the install that I've created a support page.
26 July
First fix. The install problem, error 429 failure to create object, was caused becaues I assumed that some system software was present. It looks like it is fixed.
25 July
Noises from the Basement newsletter features SereneSound as a download. SereneSound becomes instantly popular.
I get a few Emails from folks with problems installing on their systems.
20 July
I spend a month or so learning about how to collect and control sound then develop SereneSound. It is too good not to share. The free version of Serene Sound is released.
My wife starts to sleep again. I start to sleep again.
1 June
My wife is having trouble sleeping and I get the concept for SereneSound.
If you want development details and thoughts, I kept a development diary for use in a web development class that I teach.

Currently available sounds include Light Waves, Heavy Waves, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Stream, Waterfall, Fire, Blizzard, Hurricane, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise.

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