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Normal Install
For most systems, a Normal Install will work. If it didn't work for you, the following may help.
Silly Stuff
  • Quit all other applications before trying to install SereneSound!
  • SereneSound only runs under Windows.
  • SereneSound will not work if you don't have a sound card, your speakers are not turned on etc.
  • On NT and Windows 2000 systems, you have to have adequate privileges (I.E. System Administrator) to add software. (The Basic Install below may work though.)
    The Wrong Program Trys to Install
    The problem is that the SereneSound install program will not overwrite an install program already on your system. There are two fixes that seem to work equally well:
    1. When you have the chance to either "Save this program to disk" or "Run this program from its current location" choose "run the program from its current location".
    2. Delete the old setup.exe that is hiding somewhere on your hard disk. I'm not going to give exact details on this one as the procedure changes from system to system. The program name you are looking for is "setup.exe" not "sereneinstall.exe."
    The Install Hangs/Stops around 60%
    Errors like "can't create object" or "fileX is out of date" during install indicate SereneSound attempted to install or update files in use by another application causing the install to quit or hang. Try rebooting then using Right-Click to clear out as much of your system tray as possible then installing again.
    Unfortunately, some applications start automatically and run in "stealth" mode making them very hard to kill. Startup Control panel (freeware) andTweaki (shareware) will delete or temporarilly disable startup items. If you go this route, be careful not to remove something you depend on!
    Minimal Associated Files
    This Minimal System Install [1.3 Megs] has some associated files but skips those most likely to cause conflicts.
    Basic Install
    If you already have the associated files you need or can't/won't stop your other software, the Basic Install [1 Meg] is worth a try. If you are still missing support files, get the files SereneSound needs (and a lot more) from:
  • Currently available sounds include Light Waves, Heavy Waves, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Stream, Waterfall, Fire, Blizzard, Hurricane, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise.

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